The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has made a formal appeal for permanent accommodation for its officers stationed in the Ahafo Region in a bid to bolster security operations.

In a meeting held in Goaso, the Ahafo Regional Security Council (REGSEC) convened with representatives from GAF – Central Command and Newmont Ghana to discuss strategies for enhancing regional security.

Head of the Central Command, Brigadier General Michael Opoku, told Adom News that the primary challenge facing the force is the inadequate housing conditions for officers posted to the region.

Currently, many officers are residing in tents, which he described as suboptimal for effective duty performance.

Brigadier General Opoku called on private companies, non-governmental organizations, and individuals to collaborate with the government in providing better living conditions for military personnel.

He specifically appealed to Newmont to consider supporting the provision of permanent accommodation, stressing that improved living conditions are crucial for maintaining robust security in the region.

In response, Ahafo Regional Minister and REGSEC Chairman, George Boakye, expressed confidence that Newmont would assist in this endeavor. He noted that Newmont has been a key supporter in enhancing regional security and believes the company will play a vital role in establishing permanent housing for the military.

Currently, military personnel are housed in temporary structures in Mim. Boakye assured that discussions with Newmont are ongoing and that permanent accommodation solutions are anticipated soon, which will significantly enhance the security capabilities in the region.

The call for improved accommodation is seen as a critical step towards ensuring that GAF officers can effectively carry out their duties and contribute to the overall safety and stability of the Ahafo Region.