Single Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Alfred Benin (AB)
Deputy AG, Godfred Yeboah Dame for the State, (GYD)
Ken Anku (KA) for third defendant Alfred Woyome (AW)
10:06am Woyome ordered to hit the dock.
10:07am takes the oath
Swear On Bible (SOB) in English.
10:09am sitting position of Woyome changed for visibility of presiding judge
10:09am full name mentioned, place of residence.
Abelempke Kokomlemle
GYD: What business do u do?
AW: I am a business man
GYD: What kind of business do u engage in?
KA: Objection
The kind of business he engages in is not relevant to this cause.
GYD: any means through which AW can satisfy the payment of the debt is welcomed. Thus the question is legitimate and proper.
Justice AB: on grounds of relevance, objection overruled. AW ordered to answer the question.
AW: I am a businessman since I returned to the country in 1999, until the date of my infamous arrest and prosecution which I call persecution.
GYD: when were u prosecuted by the state?
AW: 2011
GYD: 1999 to 2011 what business have u been engaging in?
AW: consultant and few other businesses
Sourcing for funds for government projects.
Red bull energy drink company as a co-director.
GYD: before 1999 when u came to the country, were u engaged in other businesses.
AW: I will not answer that question because it has no relevance to this jurisdiction.
GYD: to the Judge, my Lord, I think he must answer the question because before 1999, he was an adult and was engage in business so to speak.
KA: My Lord, once my client says he can’t answer, he can’t answer so let’s move on.
Judge: His decision not to answer may eventually work against him if it is discovered that he had interest in businesses elsewhere and refused to disclose it to the court.
AW: My reasons for refusing to answer the question is because my engagement before 1999 has diplomatic implications particularly my work in Libya and Austria.
GYD: You own AAW Management Consulting Ltd?
AW: I want to make a comment before I answer the question.
Judge AB: no please, just answer the question first.
AW: Yes my Lord, with some explanation. I feel my fundamental human rights as a Ghanaian is being compromised.
GYD: This company was incorporated in September 2016?
AW: I don’t have the company documents here but I know the company was incorporated about a year ago.
GYD: Tender a document showing the date of the incorporation of the Company obtained from the Registrar General.
KA: no objection
GYD: you were not truthful to the court when u said since 2011, you have not engaged in business.
AW: My Lord that is in correct. My understanding of engaging in business is that the company’s must be doing something profitable. AAW is not in business currently.
GYD: indeed you are a director in AAW, is that not correct.
AW: yes but it is a company which is not in business.
GYD: Anator Holding Company Ltd is also owned solely by you?
AW: not correct, I am a director , Executive board chairman and I own some shares but not the sole owner.
GYD: that company was incorporated in 2014, is that correct. Please show him the exhibit?
AW: the company was not originally incorporated in 2014. It was done earlier if my memory serves me right.
KA: My client is on medication so can he be allowed to take is medicine.
Judge: OK, let us take a 15 minutes break.
Court resumes
GYD: You remain a Shareholder in Anator Holding?
AW: Yes my Lord
GYD: What percentage of Shares do u own in Anator Holdings.
AW: I cannot readily remember.
GYD: in the records of Registrar General, you remain the sole shareholder in Anator Holdings limited.
AW: I have not ascertained that.
GYD: You leave at Abelempke and kokomlemle and these are houses owned by u?
AW: that is incorrect, I own the kokomlemle house but not the Abelempke.
GYD: so what is the status of your occupation in the Abelempke house?
AW: it is a family house.
GYD: Who in your family owns the house?
AW: It is a house owned by my junior brother who leaves in the USA.
GYD: I suggest to you that your testimony that your junior brother owns the Abelempke house is false?
AW: that is incorrect, the state has to prove its claim.
GYD: I apply that he supplies the documents covering the ownership of the Abelempke house since he has disclosed that it is his brother that owns it and not him.
KA: objects to the oral application by the AG.
Judge AB: objection overruled. Court orders that Mr. Woyome submits property ownership documents and property number by close of day Friday 28th July 2017 to the registrar of the Supreme Court. Officials of the Lands Commission will be invited to assist the court to know who owns the Abelempke house.
Adjournment: hearing has been adjourned to the 2nd and 3rd of October 2017.