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Four Tanzanians held for ‘mocking’ Magufuli’s death


The Tanzanian police are holding four people for allegedly mocking the death of former President John Magufuli.

Police arrested the four on a street in Mwanjelwa on Saturday with goat soup and traditional beer that they had been preparing, Urlich Matei, the regional police head in the south-west region of Mbeya, told local journalists.

He said it was shocking for some people to act in this way while the country was mourning.

“The whole country is in mourning for our beloved president John Magufuli…but during this period we received a report that there were four people who were mocking this tragedy,” he said.

“What they have done is an indication that they want to cause chaos and breach of peace in that region,” he said.

“We have arrested them and we are carrying on investigations, when we have all the evidence we’ll take them to court,” he said.

Mr Magufuli’s death was announced on 17 March.

The body has already been taken to his hometown Geita for Tanzanians to pay their respects before he is buried on Friday.

The country has suspended all public activities during the 21 days that have been set for mourning the president.

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