If you want his manhood to be effective and have no issues, there are certain things you shouldn’t do to his manhood.

Check them out below

1. Never bite his manhood

The skin surrounding a man’s pen*s is very sensitive so it’s important you avoid biting it because it could result in a serious injury.

2. Never bend a hard manood

Bending a manhood when it’s hard can cause breakage because the pen*s isn’t designed to bend at extreme angles.

3.Never apply excessive friction on his manhood

Applying vigorous friction on his manhood could result to him having a friction burn. His pen*s isn’t designed to withstand excessive friction.

4. Never apply excessive pressure to his manhood

Avoid applying excessive pressure to your man’s manhood because the manood is sensitive and isn’t designed to withstand large amounts of pressure.

5. Never insert anything inside his manhood

The opening at the head of his manhood is an outlet and not an inlet. Never insert anything inside his pen*s.