Deputy Transport Minister, Titus Glover has said the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLAS) compulsory charges for first aid kits is a plot to make the Akufo-Addo-led administration unpopular.
A situation, he said the government will not allow to happen.
Incensed by the decision, he noted that it was completely wrong for the Authority to introduce such charges, especially when it did not consult the appropriate institutions before going ahead with the execution of the policy.

“The minister has said that if you want to take any major decision, consult so that we will all put our heads together. Now you have gone to do this, you want to make government unpopular…we will not allow that to happen,” he added.
The DVLA this week introduced the compulsory first aid kit with a charge of GHS108.00 for new vehicle owners seeking to register their vehicles.

DVLA First aid tool kit
The Authority said it has been compelled to take the decision because most drivers are failing to comply with the directive to acquire one by themselves.
But vehicle owners are not happy with the development. They argue that they reserve the right to purchase the item by themselves.
The Deputy Minister agrees with them.
He said on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen on Thursday that the drivers should have a choice of what they want to buy, where and at a price that is favourable for them.
“They should have the room to negotiate or bargain for parts or whatever they are buying. It’s a New year, the fourth day of January, he goes to renew his licence and road worthiness and then you ask him compulsorily to buy first aid kits.”
Mr Glover, however, said drivers who refuse to have such items in their vehicles should be dealt with by the police.
He has ordered the (DVLA) to immediately halt the compulsory charges for the first aid kits.
“Your board of directors is not aware of a major decision like this to sell first aid kits. The Ministry is not aware and look at the backlash that is coming from the public and the drivers.
“It is not in the interest of all of us,” he added.


  1. What about the force long reflectors stickers which was also forced on the commercial vehicles introduced almost five to six years now, the importers are in bed with the DVLA making serious profit in from this poor drivers.
    Govt should re- register All the driving schools in the country, some of them are seriously substandard created by old and new DVLA Officials as they are using it to just syphon money from the poor people of Ghanaian, Just enter a so called driving school and you will see only two desks and one old drivable vehicle, pla there must be a decency and seriousness to a driving institution, we gone far as Ghanaians.

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