Joseph Yamin is calling on the president, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo to fire the Attorney General Gloria Akuffo if she doesn’t resign by close of day Thursday

This is on the back of the statement released by the information ministry to the effect that she was not aware of the decision made by the state attorney to discontinue the case involving the 8 members of the Delta force vigilante group.

A state attorney was on Wednesday compelled to advice for the eight who were standing trial for aiding thirteen of their colleagues to escape from court custody to discharged because there was not enough evidence to incriminate them.

Speaking on Kumasi based Ultimate FM, Mr. Yammin went hard on Madam Gloria Akuffo accusing her of dereliction of duty over her ignorance of proceedings in the sensitive case that has drawn considerable media attention.

According to the Aspiring regional chairman of the NDC, “the case involving the Delta Force is a high premium case which has received condemnation from UN and even some party big wigs, causing the president to distance himself from it.”

“Therefore the assertion of the Attorney general of not being in the know clearly means the Attorney General has failed the president and the nation as a whole hence the need to be fired.”

“It means that the Attorney General has failed and has failed the president, has failed the nation and has failed in her duty as Attorney General,” he insisted.