FIFA has extended the mandate of Ghana’s Normalisation Committee for another six-month, meaning the four-member interim body has up to September 30 to complete their work.

The world governing body reportedly communicated the latest decision to the Ghana Football Association last week.

The interim body of the FA requested for the extension after becoming clear they could not complete the work on schedule.

FIFA, just like all Normalisations across the globe, has agreed to extend their mandate by another six month, awaiting a public communique to the local football fans in the West African nation.

The extension appeared imminent largely due an impasse between the interim body and clubs which has stalled football over the past months.

A special competition to keep clubs busy has been left in a cooler over claims of lack of proper regulation, lack of financial accountability and structure.

It’s unclear why FIFA decided to extend the mandate of Dr Kofi Amoah’s committee but the signs were clearly on the wall for the latest development.

The extension of the mandate will be met with mixed feelings as it could further plunge local football clubs and the Normalisation Committee on a collision course and further deepen the suspicion.


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