A family at Kumasi Ahwerewa in the Asanti Region led by Amoah has accused a fetish priest, only known as Moa for exchanging their gold mineral with counterfeit after he had assisted them to discover the property belonging to their family.
According to Amoah, the fetish priest charged the family to pay an amount of GH¢ 10,000 so that he will retrieve their family gold which was hidden spiritually under a tree in a cocoa plantation at Kumasi Ahwerewa by their fore fathers.
They revealed this during their encounter with Ekow Poncho on Onwunu Adwo at Bryt FM.
He said that the fetish priest after successfully retrieving a wrapped item suspected to be the gold from the ground gave it to his linguist and cautioned him not to open it but said he was quick to snatch the gold from the linguist and opened to spy the content of the substance.
Amoah added that, the family together with him came back to the shrine with the intention to perform the final rites to enable them sell the gold but to their dismay the priest refused to perform the spiritual rites for them.
“Nana Moa told us that because I disobeyed his directive and decided to open the gold he won’t perform the rite for us to be able to sell the gold but we begged him and he asked us to come the next day” he added.
He said initially, the gold was six pieces and each weighed twelve (12) carat but, however, upon reaching the market the size of the gold was reduced to seven carat.
Confirming the news, the linguist said Amoah together with his family approached the fetish priest to assist them retrieve their family gold.
“Nana gave the gold to me and upon the instruction given that we should not open it, I slept on the gold to prevent anyone from having access to it”.
“But unfortunately I over slept and Amoah and the two guys took the gold from me and open it. When I woke up, I asked Amoah why he took the gold whilst I was asleep and he told me that the gold belongs to them so they will keep it’.