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Female pastor arrested for giving out church members’ details to kidnappers


A 37-year-old pastor, Ruth Kenneth has been arrested for allegedly providing information about congregants to kidnappers in Nigeria.

It is reported that the mother-of-seven is a self-acclaimed prayer warrior who consults for people with diseases and spiritual conditions.

She was arrested after the police tracked her conversations with kidnappers who threatened to kidnap one of her patients if he failed to pay a ransom of N10 million.

Spokesperson of the police command who confirmed the incident in a statement said that one of her victims suffering from an undisclosed ailment visited her prayer house.

After a prayer session, she claimed that it was revealed to her that kidnappers were after him.

The man, who spoke with newsmen said, “When my children and son-in-law took me to her prayer house for healing, she told me that she saw in a vision during prayers that my name was given to kidnappers, and that to avert being kidnapped I should buy a two-year-old ram without bargaining its price.

“According to her, she needed the ram for a sacrifice to keep the kidnappers away from me. That after slaughtering the ram, she will pull one of its horns, remove something from its heart and mix it with some herbs. That after completing the concoction, she will bury the horn within my compound, after which no man would be able to attack my house or harm me and my family members.”

“I told her I needed to return home to raise the money. Surprisingly four days after I got back home in early November 2022, I got a strange phone call from someone demanding N10 million, else I risk being kidnapped with some members of my family.”

The victim who believed the situation was more than a mere coincidence raised an alarm to the police hence the pastor’s arrest.

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