On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, I got to the office around 08:11am and after settling down I logged onto my twitter page and I saw a number of people criticizing Ghana and Nigerian born actress Christabel Ekeh for posting nude pictures onto her Instagram page.
After I saw those tweets, I log onto several online portals and I saw different headlines relating to nude pictures released by the actress. I took my time and read all the stories from different online portals. After reading those stories I decided to search her [Christabel Ekeh] on Instagram and when I searched her, I couldn’t see the pictures on her Instagram page. I later the saw the pictures on social media and I couldn’t believes myself what I saw.
Under normal circumstance, no reasonable person will post nude pictures on social and feel comfortable about it. From the onset I thought her account was hacked and she was unaware of the incident but she shockingly admitted that she was the one that posted those pictures.
Personally, I don’t like to write and talk about entertainment because I love to write and talk about football but after reading all those stories from several online portals and couldn’t find the pictures on her Instagram page, I asked myself this rhetoric question that are female celebrities under possession? Because she is not the first female celebrity to do such uncultured act.
Whenever I get to hear an actress or an actor has released his or her nude pictures, I always ask myself, are they doing that to seek popularity? Or they just want to be in the news? The nude pictures released by Ekeh got me shocked and worried and due to that I concluded she doesn’t deserve to be called a woman and she was therefore possessed.
Of course, seated in a birthday suit, the actress has a “F*CK U” inscription at her back. This has led many of her followers disappointed. This is not the first time Christabel Ekeh has posted such a provocative image via her Instagram account. I will be remembered that she shared some bikini shots which caused uproar among her fans forcing her to delete all her pictures.
What has got thinking was when she confirmed to Joy FM in an interview that it is her new brand and she boldly welcomes it. She said, “I noticed the page was taken down but it’s my way of welcoming everyone to the new Christabel.
When asked who this ‘new Christabel’ she further said, “… if you have any question just look at the pictures – Subliminally to say the new Christabel doesn’t give a f**k.
“That’s why I’m not wearing anything. So whatever you want to wear on me, that’s your imagination”.
I know opinion are like noses but you will agree with me that no well cultured person will defend such demonic act. People who are not even Christians have criticized and slammed her for splashing those nude pictures on her Instagram page.
I know you might have asked yourself that is she having any problem with her psyche because it is worrying and unbelievable. This is an act that we should condemn and establish the fact that she has jeopardized her reputation as an actress.
I was marveled when I saw people in the movie industry defending such demonic act. Prince David Osei, Gloria Osei Sarfo and Lydia Forson have all thrown out their support to the actress indicating that they side with her despite her uncultured act.
Prince David Osei who is currently in the United State posted a video on his instagram lambasting Ghanaians on how Christabel Ekeh’s nude pictures are being circulated on social media. He said, “It saddens my heart when I see people glorifying others downfall, demise, shame and struggling. I’m not happy with people circulating Christabel’s nude photos on social media. You don’t know what she is going through. Whether it is someone who has hacked her account or she is doing it herself, we cannot say.
“You can tell all is not going on well with the sister so rather than circulating her pictures and insulting her, why don’t we pray for her?” 
Gloria Osei Sarfo also took advantage of social media and defended Prince David Osei on what he said earlier. She wrote “I support you 100% bro it’s such a shame”
Lydia Forson also posted on social media saying, “Thank you!! @princedavidosei it’s important that we stick of for each other whenever we can. This industry isn’t easy and it can be any of us at any time. We need to learn to speak out more on these issues. So glad you’ve done this video.”
After watching the video Prince David Osei posted on his Instagram account, I told myself that prayer is good but you only pray for someone when he or she has admitted that what he or she did was wrong and that being is ready to repent if not you will be praying and the more you do that, the more the person get worse because the battle field which is the mind has not changed.
I have no problem with the support they have given to Ekeh but my question is, in case it was supposed to be any member of their family will they be happy with such an act? Or can they do exactly what Christabel did?
I am totally convinced she [Christabel Ekeh] has put the reputation of her noble family in tatters. The wisest King on earth Solomon wrote in the books of the Proverbs 15:20 and it says “A wise son makes a father glad, But a foolish man despises his mother”.
If we don’t condemn such an act and continue to accept that it is nothing it will get to a level where we can’t control it. Nobody can convince me that what Ekeh did was in the name of fashion. I know the truth hurt but what she did was totally MADNESS and DEMONIC! I am not perfect but again no sensible person will do this in the name of fashion.
We have seen some people in the past doing the same thing but they have condemned such act. I perfectly agree that they can exercise their franchise but it is sometimes astonishing how female celebrities take advantage of social media just to expose themselves just in the name of fashion.
Girls, ladies and women are suppose to cover themselves up not to expose themselves.
What Miss Christabel Ekeh did was demonic, just to seek attention and purely madness.