This is little Suleman, a 12 year old boy who was diagnosed with a tumor known as neurofibromatosis. He has been living with this condition for the past 10 years. The Facial involvement in children with this aggressive tumor is uncommon.
This tumor can result in significant morbid­ity due to local invasion and may even result in a fatal outcome when located around a vital organ such as the brain.
This tumor are known to involve the muscle, tissue and can also affect the bones as well. A stage where nothing can be done any longer.

Little Suleman wants to be a teacher although he has been out of school since he was diagnosed with this condition about six years ago.
At a time when many children are being talked out of their dream of becoming a teacher, Suleman remains unfazed.
He is still infatuated with his 12-year-old dream of helping others to acquire knowledge and values.

”I want to be a teacher in order to bless others,” were the words of the boy who has been battling with tumor for the past 10 years. He is out of school because of the difficulty he faces during movement and the flow of tears from his two eyes.
But he told Joy News’ Ernest Kofi Manu despite his sickness that appears to have stopped his clock, he is still hopeful.
Suleman was born in Nkwanta in the Volta Region in 2005. His father is a poor farmer.
His first visit to a hospital was when he moved to Accra to stay with his elder brother because his father can’t afford his bills and has lost hope in his brilliant son.
On their visit to the hospital, doctors concluded the tumor was spreading very fast. It started from his teeth, spread to the left eye, neck and ear. The next stop of the tumor will be his brain, which continues to deny him the joy of childhood.
“It is very painful. It hurts a lot especially at my ear and neck,” Suleman said trying to support his swollen head with his right hand.
His foster mother, Amina Iddrisu said the family has not had a good sleep since the start of Suleman’s sickness.
“He is intelligent and has been studying with his siblings but his condition has taken him away from his books,” she said crying.
A Neurosurgeon at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr Mawuli Ametepe said that Suleman’s condition is as a result of the nerves developing some lesion.
“If it is sharing a space with the eye it will push it away and take over, and finally affect the brain,a very fatal stage” he described what may happen if an urgent surgery is not performed on the little boy
We hope little Suleman’s story touches your heart.
Suleman needs an amount of GHS40,000 for the lump that has developed to be removed and for his face to be reconstructed.
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