James Lartey
James Lartey

James Lartey, Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) Communication Director, has cautioned the general public against the patronage of quantum magnetic boxers.

According to him, the FDA has only seen the product on social media and has conducted a survey to check if it’s in the market.

“I remember upfront in 2012, 2013 the same thing came up, a Chinese company in 2013 tried to bring a product like this to the market but we took action to stop the company immediately,” he said.

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“When this product came up there were suspicions it was the same company, but we realised that the company folded up as far back as 2013 when we took that action so up till now we do not know whether the product is in Ghana or not,” he said in an interview on Hello FM.

He added that as a regulator it was very important to let the general public understand that per the law, any product that they regulate must be good, safe and of a good standard before it comes to the Ghanaian market.

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“That is why we register and give approval so that people who use every product in the country are safe. Once we have not approved this product we don’t even know how they are made and what is involved,” he added.

Mr Lartey said the FDA felt the need to issue a press release to advise the general public not to attempt to buy or use the product in case they have it or have the intention of buying it.