Deputy Defence Minister, Major Derek Oduro, says it’s the responsibility of the Ghana Armed Forces (GFA) Board to determine the fate of the soldier who died with Ebony.
According to him, GAF could not have detained the body of the soldier as it has been purported when a committee has not been instituted to investigate the circumstances leading to his death.
“How can a soldier die in a crash and then the public will come out with all sorts of revelations? It’s the duty of the military board to investigate the issue when a committee is instituted. Since he has been recognized as being a military man, then the Board needs to investigate to know if indeed he was on leave or not” he said on Accra based Neat FM.
There were widespread reports that the body of the late Airman Lance Corporal Vondee Atsu Francis had been detained by the GAF “till it serves a sentence passed by a court martial.”
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Reports claimed the late soldier went Absent Without Leave (AWOL) prior to his death in the accident involving the budding star, Ebony, and as such, would be punished before burial.
The report added that his body will be court-martialed and his uniform will be hanged in a guardroom for 40 days in accordance with military tradition.
It has also been rumoured that the family will not be given any entitlement.
However, GAF in a statement has rubbished the reports, saying it is a Standard Operating Procedure to recover the body of its personnel wherever an incident occurs since “GAF owes a responsibility to the family of the deceased Airman to preserve and produce the mortal remains for burial and funeral rites.”
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Major Derek Oduro has confirmed this position, saying any military personnel who get involved in accidents are first evacuated as soon as possible.
He noted that investigations are therefore conducted to ascertain the circumstances that led to the accident in order to put measures in place.