Curvaceous actress and entrepreneur, Princess Shyngle, has flaunted her mother on social media for the first time in two years.

Taking to her Instagram platform, Shyngle lauded her mother for maintaining her beauty as she shows off her new bald look.

Her 52-year-old mother could be mistaken for a 20-year-old even without makeup and exaggerated adornments.

“So my mum decided to shave her hair and go bald and omg I’m in love, she looks so much younger and gorgeous now I know how I’ll look when I shave my hair my mum too damn fine,” Princess Shyngle posted.

This would be one of the few times the Gambian-Ghanaian actress has posted her mother.

In a rare instance, she posted videos from her mother’s private wedding after she found love at age 50.

Princess Shyngle