The alleged banku poisoning case in Akakpokope in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region seems to be proving a hard puzzle to be solved by health authorities.
Only an initial Food and Drugs Authority’s investigation which revealed that some toxic substances found in the corn flour samples is shining a little light on the it but not enough to bring the case to a close.
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The Police and the hospital are yet to come out with their own investigations into the incident.
As it stands, it is still not clear what killed 6 people within days of eating a normal dinner of banku and soup, leaving family members confused and frustrated.
Head of the Akapkpo family, Gershon Kojo Gamor said the family has not been informed about any of the investigations but indicated that government is handling some aspects of the investigation.
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“The assemblyman for the area told me yesterday that he has seen the District Chief Executive and Member of Parliament and they decided to send the corpses to either 37 or the Police Hospital in Accra for postmortem…. I told him he should hurry up so that we can bury them”
Though the matter still hangs in the balance, Mr. Gamor still holds on to suspicions that the food may have been poisoned.
“We don’t know how the thing came about, we want the truth to come, whether it is the food they have taken or any other thing, to me if there is a different particle in it, it may have been done by somebody so I presume it is done by a human being”, he said.
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The bodies of the deceased are currently at Saokope awaiting the next step.
In the meantime, the FDA’s Public Relations Officer James Lartey says they are still collaborating with other agencies on the case and will release any additional information as and when they get it.