The families of Celine Ndudim and Afiba Tandor, two young women who went missing after visiting a businessman in Aba town in Nigeria Abia State, have voiced their belief that the girls are still alive.

Since April 27, 2024, when the two friends disappeared, Tessy Ndudim, Celine’s sister, has been fervently appealing to authorities and the public to join in the search efforts.

There are reports that the two ladies had been murdered by a selfstyled businessman Andrew Amechi who also met his death in an attempt to escape arrest.

Speaking to BBC News Pidgin, Tessy Ndudim recounted the harrowing events leading to her sister and friend’s disappearance.

She revealed that on the day they went missing, Celine had called to inform her that the man they were visiting had kidnapped them.

Despite lodging a complaint with the police in Aba, Tessy expressed frustration over what she perceived as a delayed and lackluster response from the authorities.

Tessy’s persistence eventually led to the arrest of the suspect, Andrew Amechi, by the Umuahia Command following a petition to Police Zone 9.

The families remain hopeful that further investigations will shed light on the whereabouts of the missing girls and bring them safely home.

In a heartfelt plea, Tessy urged the Abia State government to intervene, citing similar complaints from other individuals.

Meanwhile, the husband of Afiba Tandor, distraught by the handling of the case, emphasized his unwavering belief that his wife is still alive and implored the Nigerian police to intensify their efforts to locate and rescue the missing women.