A tourism expert, Sampson Donkor has advised government to pay more attention to the tourism sector to reduce the incessant unemployment in the country.

According to him, the sector has not received the maximum attention it needs hence its gradual death.

Speaking on Adom FM’s current affairs show, Burning Issues on Monday, Mr Donkor decried how some tourist sites in Ghana were being destroyed.

I was saddened when I heard Atiwa was going to be used to mine bauxite because if government develops it well, we could have gained what we sold it for in four years,” he said.

When such places are developed well, people pay when they visit and the money comes to government in the end”, he added.

He further explained that the development that comes with tourism regarding the construction of road networks to tourist sites; the establishment of hotels and restaurants; a boost in the transport system; among others, create employment citizens.

Mr Donkor has, therefore, called for a re-ignition of the tourist forum to seek ideas across the country to arrive at the best possible way to develop the sector.

He said if the government “decides to improve the industry, it should fully invest and do it well rather than doing things haphazardly which does not attract tourists at the end of the day”.

Meanwhile, a former Chairman of the Transport Committee of Parliament, Theophilus Tetteh Chai commended the Ghana Airport Company (GAC) for the drastic change in the sector due to their commitment whilst speaking on the same programme.

He said GAC’s ability to defy government interference in their job is an indication of a “well-refined aviation industry” for Ghana which constitutes the development of tourism.

He added that because people want to protect their positions, they yield to the pressure of politicians, a phenomenon that has led to the collapse of many state enterprises hence commending the GAC.