Homeopathic Medical Practitioner Dr Ernest Asante has revealed that Episiotomy which is done during labour or childbirth can be very risky.

He made the revelation on the Asempa FM’s Abrabo Health talk show with Maame Akua.

Dr Asante explained that Episiotomy is a surgical procedure which is done to widen the opening of the vagina during childbirth and as such happens in cases where the baby’s head or shoulders are too large to fit through the vaginal opening or when the baby is in distress and delivery needs to be sped up.

He added that Episiotomy may result in a few complications including infection, bleeding and painful intercourse.

He said because the incision is taken at an angle, a cut is likely to tear through the anus that may take longer to heal.

He further explained that the wound which comes after the incision takes longer to heal which results in painful sexual intercourse if the couple does not wait for the wound to heal before having another session of sexual intercourse.

Dr Asante disclosed that wounds which have not been properly treated and further used to have sexual intercourse results in bacterial infection, gonorrhoea and other genital infections.

He advised that women who are involved in Episiotomy go on regular checkups and also take ample time for about six months before having sexual intercourse to avoid later complications.