Dr. Adu Boateng, Founder and CEO of Ghana’s leading Homeopathic chain of clinics, EndPoint, has expressed his profound thanks and appreciation to two of Ghana’s media giants-Despite Group of Companies and Multimedia Group for their continuous support of the excellent homeopathic healthcare services Endpoint Clinic provides.

For many years, the various radio and TV stations owned by Despite Group of Companies and Multimedia Group have served as communication platforms for EndPoint Homeopathic Clinics, via which Ghanaians are reached with health talk shows, on-air health advice and commercials from EndPoint.

On the back of the Christmas spirit of showing gratitude, each of the above media houses was presented with a large cow from Dr. Adu Boateng and EndPoint Homeopathic Clinic–just to say thank you and foster a stronger working relationship.

EndPoint Homeopathic Clinic has been a provider of quality healthcare and unparalleled services; promoting and advancing the science of homeopathy for the past seven years–and this year, the clinic received several prestigious awards, including having been adjudged the Most Result-Oriented Homeopathic Clinic in West Africa and winning the Outstanding Homeopathy Hospital of the Year-2016 awards.