The 2016 NDC parliamentary candidate for Jaman South, Major Osahene Kwadwo Boakye-Gyan (Rtd), has advised the Parliament of Ghana to make it a point to wipe out all minor political parties from the electoral system, reducing it to three major parties like the United Kingdom, does in 2020.

According to Maj Boakye Gyan, who was also the spokesperson of the defunct Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), there is lack of fundamental understanding to the key business of political parties here in Ghana.

“Ghana needs just three political parties just like Britain do – labor party on the left interested in the popular welfare, free democrats are the liberal party dedicated to enhancement of public services, and the conservative party which focuses on privatization profits. So there can be no crossover of where they stand when it’s time for election.

 “I think there is lack of fundamental understanding of what the business of a political party is here in Ghana. We are not protecting our belief system” he said.

Mr Boakye-Gyan further urged the citizenry and the prime members in political parties to shun personalizing various political parties like CPP of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Peoples National Party (PNP) of Dr. Hilla Liman to prevent extinction and ineffectiveness of the political parties when their leaders are no more.

“The reason why NPP has become more viable is because they don’t personalize it too much. If we are not careful and we decide to personalize the political parties, we are going the way of PNP, CPP took when their leaders were no more. We are just drifting into oblivion if we don’t stop personalizing parties when we have lived on. If you are a founder and you die, so what…” he quizzed.

“Rawlings will go, Asiedu Nketia will go, Nkrumah is gone, if we don’t put things in place, NDC is going to collapse when the prime members leave the scene. We must look at its survival and nothing else…” he indicated on Neat FM.