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Election 2020: Dan Botwe laughs off Mahama’s ballot stuffing allegations


A leading member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has described as unnecessary allegations leveled against the Electoral Commission (EC) by former President John Mahama.

Dan Botwe said the unfortunate claim by Mr Mahama is borne out of desperation to lead the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) again in 2024.

The former President, who was flagbearer of the NDC in the 2020 elections, has alleged that one million extra ballot papers were printed by the EC to favour the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Mr Mahama, while addressing party members during his ‘thank you’ tour of the Eastern Region, also claimed the military invaded collation centres and forced electoral officers to declare results.

The EC, which has denied the allegation, has petitioned the police to investigate the allegations made by Mr Mahama.

Reacting to this, Mr Botwe on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Wednesday expressed shock at the comments made by the former President.

He noted that allegations of ballot stuffing can undermine the credibility of the electoral process.

However, Mr Botwe, also a Member of Parliament for Okere constituency, stated unequivocally that, the transparency of the process used by the EC makes it highly impossible for ballot stuffing as it is being alleged by Mr Mahama.

“All political parties have representatives at the polling stations to inspect the ballot box before voting and same is done after voting so it is impossible to stuff the box,” he explained.

Mr Botwe charged Mr Mahama to rather apologise to his party’s rank-and-file for failing to police their ballot instead of shifting blame.

“If I were a member of the NDC, I would vote against Mahama and all the executives who failed me. I can understand the desperation, President Mahama likes to come again,” he said.

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