Efia Odo (L) and Yvonne Nelson

Actress and presenter, Efia Odo, has subtly jabbed actress Yvonne Nelson on social media after the later tweeted that people giving alms to the less-privilege shouldn’t show it off to the public.

According to her, God in heaven sees it! [and] this is how God our Father in Heaven blesses!

The ‘Heels and Sneakers’ producer, explaining her point, further said:

Most churches/pastors will use your money for their luxurious lifestyles. God sees and knows our hearts.

But Efia Odo, after chancing on the tweet, couldn’t hide her intention to reply. In a subtle jab she counter-advised her fans:

Doesn’t matter if someone donated behind closed doors or in the public, what matters is that they donated.

Efia Odo, rubbishing Yvonne’s tweet, added:

Sometimes public donations can persuade other people to also donate. If public donations were bad then @feedthechildren and other NGO’s wouldn’t be doing advertisements.

Check out their posts below: