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ECG staff add to company’s woes


Some workers of the moribund Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) in the Ashanti region are reportedly feeding fat on the state as they connive with debtors to rip the company.

These categories of staff reportedly cancel the debts owed by clients and accept half payments at the expense of the company, The Chronicle has gathered.
The paper is impeccably informed that, the rolling out of new digital meters to replace the analogue ones have paved way for this development at the Kentinkrono office of the ECG in Kumasi.

As ECG intends to keep track of their debtors, some of its staffs connive with clients and debtors to pay half of their debts and then cancel the rest of their indebtedness.

Over the past ten years, Ghana has been wallowing in power crisis, owing to power deficit, which stems from population explosion.

In an interview with the Head of Communication of Ashanti Regional ECG, Mr. Erasmus K. Baidoo, told The Chronicle he is unaware of this development, assuring that the authorities will investigate the matter.

He explained that ECG has three policies within which they are using to recoup indebtedness of clients and mentioned them as: Transferring of old debt on new meters, paying half of the debt and clearing the remaining later by spreading it over six months for the clients.

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