Dying Covid patient being comforted with ‘fake hand’

Dying Covid-19 patients in Brazil are being comforted with “fake hands” so they don’t feel alone in hospital.

A touching social media photo shows a coronavirus victim’s hand being clasped by two rubber gloves filled with warm water. 

The gloves are used to remind the patient what it is like to feel the comforting touch of another human.

Sadiq Bhat posted on Twitter: “The hand of God — nurses trying to comfort isolated patients in a Brazilian Covid isolation ward.

“Two disposable gloves tied, full of hot water, simulating impossible human contact.

“Salute to the front liners and a stark reminder of the grim situation our world is in!”

Marc Goldstein added: “In isolation wards where patients die alone, craving the touch of their loved ones, nurses fill gloves with warm water to simulate that comfort.”

Another wrote: “I am in awe of the human who was compassionate enough to think of this.”

Heartbreaking picture shows dying Covid patient being comforted with ?fake hand? so the victim doesn

A nurse in Brazil had the idea of filling up the latex gloves with warm water from the shower, tied each rubber finger together and placed the patient’s hand inside the two rubber hands, to warm it up and also to make them feel like they were being held.