An economist is cautioning vehicle owners to be very vigilant at fuel pumps to get value for money.

Dr. Samuel Kwesi Bediako Asare revealed that, some oil marketing companies (OMCs) adjust their pumps to cheat or under-deliver to the detriment of customers.

His comment comes after the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) sanctioned 57 OMCs in the Greater Accra for engaging in various infractions detrimental to the interest of consumers.

They were fined a total of GH¢261,000 for serving customers with lower volumes of fuel, using non-approved GSA seals and breaking GSA seals meant to stop cheating at the pumps.

This was after GSA undertook periodic checks on the operations of all OMCs across the country within a 12-month period.

Commenting on the issue on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Thursday, Dr. Bediako Asare said he is not surprised about the development.

He indicated that, consumers get raw deals at the pumps, especially from some greedy but experienced pump attendants who under-delivered.

“This practice does not only rob the unsuspecting consumer of value for money but also goes to enrich the crooks engaged in this practice,” he stated.

Dr. Bediako Asare advised consumers to buy fuel in liters to prevent fuel attendants from short-changing them.

He could not fathom why the GSA has declined to disclose the names of the sanctioned OMCs since it will help customers to make a right choice.

Dr. Bediako Asare charged the Standard Authority to name and shame any OMC sanctioned to deter others.


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