The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has urged politicians to desist from politicizing the allegations leveled against the Electoral Commission Chair, Mrs Charlotte Osei.
Mrs Charlotte Osei, in a 27-page response rubbished claims leveled against her to suggest she was involved in misappropriation and abuse of office.
The petition signed by Counsel for the staff, Maxwell Opoku-Agyemang cited among other things the breaching of the Procurement Law in procuring goods and services for the Commission.
They claimed that she, unilaterally and without recourse to procurement procedures, engaged the services of lawyers, Sory@Law who represented the Commission in the pre-election legal banter with aggrieved parties and disqualified flag bearers.
She was also alleged to have abrogated an existing contract with Super Tech Ltd. (STL), unilaterally renegotiating and re-awarding the contract at new sum of $21,999,592 without serious regard to the tender processes.
Charlotte Osei, following the allegations responded, giving various reasons why the allegations were untrue and non-factual.
But according to Mr Pratt, if the various political parties in the country, specifically National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) don’t stop politicizing the issue, it will create a mess in the country.
He wondered why the Council of State has not intervene in the matter which in his opinion is becoming murkier.
The Council of State, he stated, by their composition is neutral to resolve  the matter.
“The parties should take themselves out of the allegations. If they don’t take themselves out, it will be a mess, so that we can use the right way to solve the matter. We need peace at the EC, so we can exercise out votes just fully to move along well as a great nation…” he said on Peace FM on Tuesday.
“When you get to a level in this world, with all due respect, a certain level of maturity is required. You can write a letter to council of state and it can be resolved. The other two deputy commissioners can be summoned. By composition and nature of the council of state, it has a certain sense of mutuality and accountability. There might be NPP and NDC members there but it can solve the issue…” Mr Pratt added.
“One thing I don’t like is NDC blaming NPP and vice versa. This is not a partisan fight. Why should everything be NDC and NPP? When I think about it I don’t understand…” he said.