American President, Donald Trump has featured Ghana’s dancing pallbearers in a short campaign video that is targeted at presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

The video with more than 7.5 million views on President Donald Trump’s official Facebook page saw Joe Biden’s campaign logo superimposed onto a coffin being carried by the Prampram pallbearers.

Joe Biden in an earlier interview with a prominent African-American radio host in the US said African-Americans “ain’t black” if they even consider voting for President Donald Trump over him.

If you have problems figuring out whether to vote for me or Trump then you ain’t black, he said in the interview.

Biden’s controversial comments made headlines with some describing the comment as racist, causing Joe Biden to apologize for the comment.


But, the effects of the comment on Joe Biden’s campaign may not go away so soon as Donald Trump has made several tweets referencing it and appears to be determined to use it to his advantage.

The Prampram pallbearers rose to fame in 2017 after featuring in BBC’s interview, but as infections and deaths as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic peaked, the Nana Otafirija pallbearers rose to global prominence as social media users recreated the troupe as a grim reaper symbol.

Watch video below: