Ghanaian movie personality Lydia Forson has added her voice to the fight against domestic violence against women.

According the actress, women not been able to speak out much against domestic violence against them has crushed some brilliant ideas and dreams of some women and left others to dead.

The “Keteke” movie famer took to her Instagram account to urge the world and women in particular to speak out against domestic violence for that is the only way to overcome domestic violence against women.

“This lady’s comment was against a popular actress who’d come out to say her husband psychically abused her. Even with photo evidence of a very bloody face and fractured skull this person didn’t think it was enough reason for the actress to speak out against her husband and how he’d treated her”

“This right here is why many women die in their homes. And I blurred out her name because she’s also a victim and shaming her won’t change much”

“She’s a victim of society’s idea of how marriage should be, how women should behave and how it should be preserved even at the risk of your life”

“She’s a victim of the idea that physical, mental, psychological abuse etc is a part of marriage that women have to go through as part of its ups and downs” she said.