Editor’s Note: To protect our sources in the course of investigating this sensitive matter, certain names and details have been changed.
There is a joke currently doing the rounds on Whatsapp about a couple who got divorced after more than 20 years of marriage.
The wife sent this message: -“am sorry to inform you that the girl you thought was your daughter is not. It was someone who impregnated me.”
The husband replied, “oh, thank God. I am now free from the guilt of incest. Please ask her to come and see me. I would want her to take over from you.”
The above is one of the reasons why many persons are happy that the science of determining whether man is actually the father of a child DNA- can be done locally. Hitherto, such tests were done outside the country. The cost of DNA tests in Ghana range between GH1,000 to GH1,500. Over the past 10 months, results of %90 of DNA tests carried indicated that those alleged to be the fathers were not. 10% of the results indicated that the men were indeed the fathers as alleged by the women.
One of the men who benefited from the DNA test proving he was not the father told the Daily Dispatch, “I was told by the court to take care of the pregnancy till the lady delivers. Then we conduct the DNA test. If the test proves I am not the father, I could sue the woman to recoup my expenses.”
Asked whether he intended to sue, he replied, “my brother, no. I am happy that I would not have to take care of someone else’s child, to be told years later that he child is not mine.”
Dear readers, please advise yourselves.
Source: the daily dispatch


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