The government has acquired the disputed 10 mile square land that lies between Alavanyo and Nkonya communities in the Volta Region which has been a source of conflict between the two communities.

Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul contributing to a statement on the floor of Parliament calling for lasting peace in the area announced in Parliament on Thursday that the move forms part of efforts by the Government of Ghana to ensure that there is lasting peace in the area.

The disputed land will now serve as a military training camp. The camp, he said will lie between the two communities to stop them from attacking one another.

Chronicling the history of the conflict between the two towns, Dominic Nitiwul said the conflict started in 1923 and governments upon governments have taken steps to resolve the conflict but to no avail.

“If the conflict started in 1923 and it’s still lingering on, you can imagine what the problem is. It started through a court process and it’s now with guns, we cannot allow that to continue…we on our part (security agencies) will start training in that particular area…,” he said.

The structures for the military to start camping in the area, he said have already been put in place for the military to start training so that they will continuously be present in the area to ensure lasting peace.

“We need land to train so if people have land and they will dispute over it, we would will use it to train so the farmers in the area can go about their normal activities in peace because we don’t want them to go about their activities and think someone will come and shoot them…,” he stated further.

The Bimbilla MP stated that the issue between the two communities which started as court process have travelled through various traditional means, before the Germans, the French and the English all attempted to settle it but failed.

Residents of Nkonya and Alavanyo have been fighting for years over the 10 square mile land. The fight has led to several deaths and destruction of properties.

There was renewed sporadic shootings in the area in recent times which resulted in the killing of two person and injury of two others.

62-year old, Elizabeth Yawa Anku was gunned down at Alavanyo-Kpeme while 12-year old boy, Prince Kwakutsey was shot in Alavanyo Deme.



  1. I love the bold steps taken by this young and knowledgeable Minister one and for all. If the courts, German, French, Government upon governments can’t take this simple step and we have been allowed to be dying day in, day out then thank you young and brave MINISTER.

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