According to a report filed by Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh on, gospel singer Patience Nayarko has revealed that her first producer tried to have sex with her but she rufused .
According to the artiste, the producer was the first man to have recorded her first song as a musician barely six years ago if only she (Patience Nyarko) had accepted to have sex with him.
The gospel musician who refused to mention the producer’s name confirmed it wasn’t her current manager when asked.
She has made it clear that, she doesn’t have plans of marrying her current producer cum manager even though she believes anything at all can happen in the future.
Meanwhile, Patience Nyarko has denied rumours all over the place that Pastors’ wives are witches. She explained that most of the ladies who marry pastors are causing more pain to the pastors instead of helping them achieve their dreams.
She further said most of the ladies who are yearning to marry pastors have nothing to offer them but they still want to do everything possible to settle down with them. She believes most of these ladies are extremely naïve and they know nothing about ministry hence failing in their marriages.
The gospel artiste believes most ladies in the church don’t have the qualities of a pastor’s wife hence getting married to witches in the church.
‘’There are a lot of pastors who are going through hell because of their wives. Unfortunately, some of these pastors sometime ago thought the only way to grow and maintain their ministry was to marry a musician. Surprisingly, one pastor told me that he wanted his wife to die when she was admitted at a hospital and was about to deliver. This is because he felt the wife was a burden to her’’ Patience Nyarko said.
Though she has already given reasons why she wouldn’t want to marry any pastor, she is of the strong conviction that might change in the future especially when God is involved.
‘’If God tells me to marry a pastor, I have no option than to do that. It’s just a matter of time’’ she stressed.
Patience Nyarko is optimistic that up and coming gospel artistes may get all the support from industry people or any other person if they are gifted, but also said that they would have to suffer a bit since she and so many other artistes suffered before getting into the limelight.
‘’They must suffer before making it. There is a saying that ‘no pain, no gain.’ They should anticipate that while they pray and fast for something positive.’’ she opined.
Though she confessed of not mentoring any of the up and coming artistes, she advised them not to engage themselves in any sexual intercourse with any producer before they are helped unless the producer officially proposes to marry them. And that obviously would depend on them to either accept it or not.