Driver finds his way during rainstorm in Accra

A trip by‘s Gershon Mortey through parts of Accra after Monday morning’s rain shows that the city still remains susceptible to floods irrespective how little the rains may be.

The visit, which took our cameras around the Circle-Aveenor areas, has both motorists and other road users stranded.

Below are photos of what our cameras captured:

Driver of Opel car finding his way through the storm
Biker rushes during downpour
Drivers at Circle, Aveenor navigating their way through the storm
School children make way to class amidst rainstorm
Bikers rush through downpour at Circle
Some drivers had to park and wait for the rain to stop before heading to their destination
Hyundia car with registration GT 9119 -15 finding its direction


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