A legal practitioner has called on Ghanaian authorities to declare the former school prefect of Achimota School who left Ghana to marry his gay lover in the United States of America a persona non grata in the country.

Dr. Maurice Ampaw said Stephen Kabutey Ofoi Ceasar must be forced to renounce his citizenship and allegiance to the country as he has acted in a manner which is contrary to the laws of the country.

“Ghana’s laws are against gay marriage and anal sex is illegal so if he, as a Ghanaian, has married a gay partner then he must be forced to renounce his citizenship or we have to denounce him entirely because he is an illegality and ought to be refused visa at any Ghana embassy abroad,” he argued.

According to him, Stephen Ofoi Caesar is now ‘one who carries an illegal personality’ and hence must not be allowed to enter the country.

Stephen Ofoi Caesar who, according to local news site, yen.com.gh is an old boy of Achimota School and is speculated to have lived at Mataheko, a suburb of Ghana’s Capital, Accra went against the scorching stigma against gays in Ghana and decided to enter a civil union with his American gay lover.

Photos and videos of both gay men started invading the internet as the gay couple, together with their Ghanaian and American families had a historic gay wedding in America.

“Yen.com.gh is gathering that Stephen was once a school prefect at the Achimota School between 1993/1994 and also host of Smash TV, an entertainment program on Metro TV…,” a portion of report posted on the site read.

Achimota School and Metro TV have however not responded to the claims of the website.

The controversial lawyer is however of the opinion that the gay man must be told that he is a ‘persona non grata’ in the country.

“He is an illegal person and must not try to enter Ghana…he even ought to go ahead and denounce his Ghanaian citizenship because we would not allow someone who is gay and has married under gay laws to come and contaminate our people here…,” he argued further.

Maurice Ampaw called on the public to bring pressure to bear on the government and various embassies of the country abroad to deny Stephen Kabutey Ofoi Ceasar visas into the country.

“He has an illegal person and hence signal must be sent to the law enforcement agencies and the embassies abroad to prevent him from entering the country…,” he said.

Perons against gay marriage in Ghana, he warned would rise up and protest if he is allowed to enter the country again.


  1. Typical Ghanaian ,very quick to pass judgement. What about the corrupt politician , those who steal , smokers and all those who break Ghana laws ,have they been ask to denounce their citizenship yet ? Nonsense

  2. Hello, please did you say that Stephen and his so-called partner “together with their Ghanaian and American families had a historic gay wedding in America” …? Amazing. His name indicates that he hails from Ada in the Greater Accra Region. Is this really so? You mean his GHANAIAN FAMILY actually went to witness and SUPPORT him? Someone should please provide some better and further particulars.

  3. When will Ghanaian’s drop the hypocritical and pretentious behave and face life how it is…with all the Lawyer is blabbing about,he could have a gay person in his family but yet won’t know because we Ghanaians won’t accept people how they are but accept people who will give you a fake lifestyle and make fools out of their spouse and family…most divorces in Ghana are all because of this fake lifestyle,people marrying opposite sex because thats how its suppose to be but not because they love their spouse..Lawyer please let prayer be your guide and pray you make heaven not even your family…Laws were made by Humans and Can be changed by a Human..Lawyer Go go fight gay rape issues in Villages and Schools and leave a mature man who knows what his doing.Use your skills wisely..

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