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Death is laughter to me because I’m not scared of dying – Anas


Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Ghana’s undercover journalist has revealed that he is not a stranger to death threats from the bad guys he goes after.

According to him, it is normal for people who feel aggrieved he has exposed them to threaten him with death saying each time he hears such, he laughs because he is not scared to die.

Anas who had a close shave with death in Malawi while embarking on one of his undercover piece “Malawi’s Human Harvest” told patrons of this year’s Media Festival organized by The Press Foundation (TPF) with support from MyNewsGh.com that death is inevitable.

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“I don’t know why I’m alive today. I’m being honest with you. I should have died. I am not scared of death threats. I have it over and over and when I hear it now I laugh”, he disclosed.

On who protects him against some of the dangers of life he simply replied “God”

God is my protector either than that I would be dead by now. I don’t see why I should be sitting here. I have had very terrible moments and how I managed to escape translates to the effect there is a bigger one over all of us”, he recounted.

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He revealed that the life he has chosen for himself has gotten his friends scared for him because he has literally abandoned them because he hardly gets the time to meet with them in fun places.

“You cannot lead this life partying hard in the beaches and other areas. I can choose the beaches but I will get the repercussions and need to be cautious. I tried it once and I saw what happened to me”, he revealed.

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“Friends complained I have abandoned them but when shown results of why I abandoned them they get happy. It is not fair but paying a prize which is wearing a masked face is what I have chosen for myself”, he added.

On whether he has a life of his own he explained “I feel more comfortable when I do work that impacts on humanity…that satisfy the world”

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