Instead of sleeping right after sex, spend a few moments with him to bond and become closer emotionally.

Men pamper women, men persuade women into sex, men buy women gifts, and men go gaga over women all the time! But they need a bit of all these too.

This time, why don’t we give them the time of their lives? Take them by surprise and pamper them.

Buy them gifts and give them the most erotic and sexually arousing encounter of their lives.

Here’s how you can romance your prince charming in bed:

  • Romance him blindfolded in bed

When your man enters your bedroom tonight, take him completely by surprise by blindfolding him.

Next, whisper in your most flirtatious tone in his ears that he is about to have the most erotic romantic encounter of his entire life.

Let him lie down on the bed while you do all the most mind-blowing things that he can imagine.

Show him what he means to you with your romantic deeds. Men love surprises when it comes to lovemaking.

  • Your man will love kinky sex

If your sex life is starting to become rather bland and boring, then it’s time to spice it up. Trying new things in the bedroom is key for an active sex life with your man.

Kinky sex might not be every woman’s cup of tea, but chances are, your man will love it.

It sexually arouses men like crazy. If you’ve never had kinky sex before, then now is a great time to add some wild fun in the bedroom. Use your imagination and try experimenting a bit.

  • Find out about his fantasies

Tease him, trick him, seduce him. Do all that he has ever fantasized about. Ask him about his fantasies and fulfil them.

Perhaps, he wants to try something different. Get a little bold and do whatever pleases him. Men often find discussing their fantasies a tad bit uncomfortable for fear of judgment.

Open up to him about your fantasies first and then ask him about his. Maybe he likes outdoor sex or shower sex? Find out how you can bring his fantasies to life and do it. Romance him the way he desires.

  • Dominate your man in bed

You can romance your man while dominating him. Be a little bold and take the lead in the bedroom tonight.

Most of the time, men dominate women in bed and women like it that way. But being submissive all the time can be boring.

Show him a bit of your dominant side while you’re making love. You could start by pushing him on the bed or pulling his hair a little.

Tie his hands up if you want to completely dominate him. He will be surprised at this new attitude, and he will love the way you take control. Trying doing this in the bedroom if you want to excite your man.

  • Variety is the spice of life

Sex is more exciting if you spice it up each time and add some variety. You and your partner will surely enjoy it.

Instead of the usual missionary style, try other positions. Try doggy style or woman on top.

Experience different pleasurable sensations with new positions that you haven’t tried before.

You can also explore positions that can be done not only in the bedroom but in other parts of the house as well.

If you always give him a blowjob while he’s lying in bed, then why not try doing it while he’s standing? Wear sexy lingerie and use different props or toys.

Make your sexual intimacy as pleasurable as possible. Sex should never feel like a routine.

Always try new things to make your sex life more exciting and unpredictable.

  • Watch some porn while in bed with your man

Watching some hot and steamy porn while in bed can arouse your partner. This time, take the lead and serve some cocktails while a porn movie is playing in the background.

Make your man excited about getting in bed with you. Get him in the mood using the right actions.

If you want to have slow and sensual sex, then choose a porn movie with that theme. Romance is one of the greatest things that couples share and if you do it right, it will always be an active and exciting part of your relationship.