Extraordinary times call for extraordinary shows as Arts has become more important than ever in our respective lives, especially when an artist can dip his brush in his own soul, and paint his own nature into his pictures.  
In a collaborative program between Dare 2 Dream Ghana, CREATE (South Africa) and Soul Science Lab (USA), there will be an extraordinary Arts workshop which targets to bring Creative Arts Pottery back to life in an upcoming exhibition at the Impact Hub in Labone, with the objectives of featuring remarkable Paintings, Photography, Spoken Word, Music, Movie Screening and Theatrical Acts come the 24th to the 27th of July.
The workshop dubbed ‘Create to Educate’ aims to create the awareness of the importance of arts education, and also, collating a joint arts education curriculum framework for implementation by after-school programs in Africa. 
The collaborators for Dare 2 CREATE include spoken word artists TEAM INSPIRE, Echoes Production, Creative Writer Samuel Afuduo, Atiemo of Atiemo Art Studios, Ousu Svchi Photography, LIT moments plus many more talented artists in the creative industry. 
In an interview with the Founding Director of Dare 2 Dream Ghana, Akosua Afriyie Osei-Appaw, she stressed on the importance of promoting the Arts discipline in our institutions and hopes, the Arts exhibition will help in their vision of providing leadership and mentorship to the younger generation; in a bid to help cultivate their passion and talents through Arts education.
She said: ‘Arts exhibition openings are frequently over looked by many [people] who do not understand how valuable they [Arts] are to their careers. Education in the Arts is an integral part of the development of each human being. With that said, it’s our goal at Dare 2 Dream Ghana to help promote Arts education, because, the involvement in the craft is associated with gains in Maths, reading, intellectual ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills.’
This project is supported by the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, IREX International, US Embassy Ghana and Soul Science Lab.