Kwame Anokye bears a striking resemblance to Ghanaian highlife artiste Daddy Lumba.

He is also a Ghanaian musician with the stage name, “Daddy Lumba Jnr”

Anokye says Daddy Lumba is a “spirit” that has possessed him.

You probably haven’t met Daddy Lumba’s doppelganger…but he has met himself and the young man, Kwame Anokye thinks his celebrity lookalike is spiritual.

Kwame Anokye, who is also a Ghanaian musician, has adopted the stage name “Daddy Lumba Jnr” but his love for Daddy Lumba extends beyond mere admiration.

The young musician thinks the “Enko Den” singer is a demigod (or at least a mini-god on the earth).

On how he chose the name Daddy Lumba, Anokye said, “It all started in 1997, I was a fan of Lumba and used to sing most of his songs. People started calling me Daddy Lumba. I later joined Daddy Lumba fun club at Asafo, Kumasi”.

According to Anokye, his life took a different turn when he met Daddy Lumba’s mother, “Maame Ama Saa”.

“One day we performed at Cultural Center, Kumasi where I met the late mother of Daddy Lumba, Maame Ama Saa. She told me I looked just like Daddy Lumba in his youthful days and asked me to move from my stepmother’s house to stay with her.”

Anokye revealed that since then, the “Lumba spirit came to possess” him. “The spirit of Lumba makes me talk like Daddy Lumba, I never learned to speak with him or imitate him. Sometimes, I dream about his songs even before he launches it.”