This NDC government stole our money, as much as GHc51.2 million for one Alfred Woyome, whom they describe as their party financier, for absolutely no work done. This didn’t make Ghanaians angry.

When they were caught pants down, they told us that the guy (Woyome) actually defrauded them. How can one man singularly defraud the entire government machinery including the Presidency, Bank of Ghana, Public Procurement Authority and the Ministry of Finance? This didn’t make Ghanaians angry

They also SACKED the only man in their government, the Attorney General at the time (Martin Hamidu) who vowed to help us retrieve our stolen money. This didn’t make us angry

Public outrage compelled them to go to court to try and retrieve our money. They deliberately presented a poor case so that they would lose the case. The judge at sometime became so angry that the government wasn’t serious in prosecuting the case and he proceeded to fine them. As expected, they eventually lost the case at their own behest. This didn’t make Ghanaians angry

It took one man, Martin Amidu (aka the citizen vigilante), without executive authority; without state resources; without state power to single-handedly take this matter back to court, fought for us and ensured that he won the case for us. The court then ordered the State to go collect our stolen money from Woyome. In doing so, the court described the government’s conduct as one of create-loot-and-share; basically, calling them thieves. This didn’t make Ghanaians angry

For two and half years after the court gave this explicit order the government has still NOT been able to retrieve our money from that ‘thief’. Of course because they shared the money among themselves. This didn’t make Ghanaians angry

When they attempted to force Woyome alone to pay, he threatened and said he would expose them if they dared him. After Woyome’s threat, the government then wrote to the court and said they were no more interested in retrieving our money for us. This did not make Ghanaians angry

The citizen vigilante, Martin Amidu, who got the favourable judgement for us, comes again and says, he would help the government to retrieve the money for the citizens of Ghana. Shockingly, the government goes to court to oppose Martin’s application and argues that Martin should NOT be allowed to help us retrieve our stolen money. This again, did not make Ghanaians angry.

Fortunately for us, the court ruled in favour of Martin. Only when we were anxiously waiting for the cross examination of Woyome, government again, through its assigns, sent three different applications to court to prevent Martin from helping the poor taxpayer in the retrieval of our money. This again, did not make Ghanaians angry

To add more acidic insults to injury, government is still awarding even more JUICY CONTRACTS to Woyome, whom they themselves, have described as a FRAUDSTER in court. This again does not make Ghanaians angry.

So I ask, what will ever make Ghanaians angry? With all of this, why won’t this fraudster of a Woyome accuse the few critical Ghanaians especially we, at OccupyGhana, of being jealous of him? Personally, I think VOTING AGAINST this NDC government on December 7 is even a favour we are doing them. Remember, we shot people in this country for less.

For this man’s sake alone I wish we were still in that regime.

And so it is time to vote against the NDC if you love Ghana. It is even audacious for them to get back to voters asking for another ballot and it is all because of this abundant tolerance.

How do you bribe the electorate and escalate it as high as the pinnacle of the largest opposition party that you even sit and decide to bribe one of the most senior executives in the party?

Notice how the President, who comments on just about everything he can get his teeth into, is deliberately quiet on this one? He is counting the days to when the vote will cast and this will go away and not affect voters minds.

But I think he is wrong. I believe the Ghanaian has arrived at that point one more time. I believe the ground swell of change will catch on and once again just as we did with Kutu Acheampong and his brain-dead UNIGOV idea, just as Nkrumah felt the sharp end of the stick after a prolonged spate of corruption, intimidation and economic hardship and just as Jerry John and the NDC was shown the exit when the cup was full, I hope that we will feel the fullness and dead end of this Government and wave our power thumbs.

So much is wrong with what we are doing as a growing democracy. Just to do the right things consistently seems such a struggle and for some reason, Ghanaians are being made to pay for our meekness and peace-loving nature.

We have a Peace Council that panders to the highest bidder and other than calling for a prayer vigil, cannot see the log in the eye of a President whose insincerity shows through his marriage vows, but who has the cheek to come and dedicate the last three days of the campaign period to a fasting and prayer session under a religion he does not respect.

Well, this is the last piece before we vote. Doubtless we will continue to write and direct our thoughts to what has to be done correctly and properly in Ghana. If you are a Christian, may the Lord keep you and if you are a Moslem then let Allah, may his name be praised, attend to your thumb on Wednesday.

As for the rest of us, we will do as we always do. Stay mute and watch the pious ones without an shred of anger.

Alius atrox week advenio. Another terrible week to come!