The Ghana Police Service received a total of 201,936 complaints throughout the country in the year 2017 as against 202,276 the previous year.

“This represents a decrease of three hundred and forty (340) cases, which translates into -0.2%,” the law enforcement agency stated in its Annual Crime Statistics report for 2017.

Out of this total, 191,770 representing 95.0% were registered as true cases whilst the remaining 10,166 cases representing 5.0% were refused. The cases, which were refused, were regarded as trivial, civil in nature or false, and, so, did not warrant police action.

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Out of the true cases, 24,350 cases were sent to court for prosecution.

At the court, 7,753 cases, representing 31.8%, gained conviction whilst 707, representing 2.9%, were acquitted.

At the close of the year 2017, 15,890 cases representing 65.3% of the total number of cases sent to court for prosecution, were awaiting trial.

A total of 26,173 cases were closed as undetected whilst 141,247 cases representing 73.7% of the total number of true cases, were under investigation at the close of the year 2017.

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