Some youth of Saboba constituency in the Northern region have mounted road blocks on the major roads leading to Saboba to stop the mass movement of people into the area after some parts of Accra and Kumasi came under lock. 

They are also preventing motorcycle riders from other districts from entering the district capital.

The youth are also sensitising the community on the deadly covid-19.

Kunji Samuel, one of the leaders of the youth groups, explaining why the youth are conducting the exercise said they don’t want strangers to invade the Saboba district because they may be carriers of the deadly virus.

He said they are not ready to risk the life of the people in the district and therefore only their people will be allowed into the town.

“These are not normal times and so we are preventing people from coming into our district. We need to help fight the spread and so we the youth have decided to do take it upon ourselves to undertake this exercise because we can’t allow the security to do everything. We don’t need infected people in our district,” he said.

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