A 32-year-old man in the Eastern region has found himself on the wrong side of the law after he went around bragging that he has had sex with several women who worship at the Impact of God Church.

The women filed defamation suits against Sylvester Adio for making the false claims and tarnishing their image.

One of the ladies claimed that the matter has destroyed her relationship with a man whom she was preparing to marry.

Sylvester has pleaded guilty to the office and has been ordered by the court to apologize to the ladies

One of the plaintiffs who is a police officer said Sylvester made false claims about her to her friends in the church and persons outside the church that he had had sexual intercourse with her on several occasions.

Sylvester who pleaded guilty of the offence also begged the court to forgive him.

The court ordered him to openly apologise to the church and the plaintiffs.

Following the order of the court, Sylvester on Sunday knelt before the congregation and apologised after he had written an apology to the Church.