Wondering what to gift your partner this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With romance and celebration all around, you are bound to feel bitten by the love bug. It is definitely a special day to celebrate for couples all around the world as they pamper each other with gifts and what not.

Go the healthy way!

But, this Valentine’s Day, we have a better suggestion for all the couples. Why not make some healthy promises to each other and take the concept of ‘in sickness and in health’ a little ahead? Giving each other the gift of good health is extremely useful during busy and exhausting days when we forget to take care of ourselves. Here are some health vows you should be taking this Valentine’s Day!

Quitting junk food

Regardless of your relationship status, you should ideally be looking at eliminating junk food and anything fried from your diet. Given the busy schedules and day-to-day stress, eating take-out meals becomes a norm for working couples which doesn’t exactly proclaim ‘healthy’. Cutting back on your calories together would ensure that you stick to your resolutions and motivate each other as well.

Start working out regularly

There are a lot of benefits from working out together. Not only does this ensure that you get to spend some nice quality time together but you stay fitter and healthier. You can do anything- go for walks, join the gym or play your favorite sport, as long as you spend time clocking in physical minutes for the day. Anything between 45-60 minutes a day is ideal.

Make a routine

You might not realize it fully but planning ahead and making routines can do a lot of good for your mental health. It declutters your mind and sorts out duties and functions for couples too. Plus, when one partner engages in a routine, it can be encouraging for the other one to follow through. This can range from anything- like breakfast duties, workout regimes to establishing a no-phone space to enjoy some quiet time together.

Cook one healthy meal every single day

Yes, there is a reason we are stressing on this. Eating healthy food is a resolution every one of us tries to set in January but we suggest you to tweak it a little and this applies especially to couples. Cooking a healthy meal every single day is a way to motivate each other to stay healthy. Plus, it gives you some time to bond in busy days.

Point out a bad habit when you see one

Picking up habits can be easy but excruciatingly difficult to drop. But, when you have somebody motivating you, it won’t be so bad. As partners, it is important to keep a check on each other’s habits and point out when something is wrong. Don’t hesitate and help each other grow in the relationship.


It is very possible to feel burned out or zoned out for days and this can be very bad for your daily routine as well as your relationship. Detoxification can help partners do away from the stress and release toxins from the body and stay healthy. If you have been eating out for long, consider going on a cleanse or taking a break. This will keep your gut healthy and keep you fit.

Wake up early in the morning

One habit successful people like to adapt and you should too is to try waking up early in the morning. Yes, we know how hard a battle it can be but just as you do this, you will start to see a difference in your life. You will feel energized, more productive and have more time in your hands so not feel stressed as before.

Get some action

Lastly, we suggest couples to actually make space for each other and take time out to enjoy some nice quality time in the bedroom. If couples bring in work home, it can be hard to relax and connect sexually and this can take a toll. This should not happen in a relationship and measures should be taken to prevent this.