An Irish woman and her Egyptian husband committed suicide, by drowning themselves in a swimming pool in a villa in Hurghada on the Red Sea coast in Egypt, Al Arabiya English reports.
According to the report, the couple wanted to discover the other world and know what happens after death.
Major General Hossam Kamal, director of the Red Sea Security, received a report that an Egyptian citizen and his Irish wife were found dead in a swimming pool in a villa owned by their friend and the bodies were taken to the morgue in Hurghada General Hospital, the reportfurther said.
The feet and arms of the man and the wife’s arms were tied according to investigations.
Initially, security personnel suspected that the incident was a criminal act, but there was nothing stolen from the villa or traces of any other people in the vicinity. The fingerprints taken from the villa confirmed to have belonged to the dead couple and no other fingerprints were found, this according to the report.
Peter George Boutros and his wife Jeniffer Marie had recorded a video confessing their desire to commit suicide in order to see the other world and what was happening there.
The security services found the video. It appears that the couple were wearing diving suits and heavy chains used in weight lifting wrapped around their necks before committing suicide.
A camera installed on a stand in the middle of the swimming pool had a complete video of the suicide.
Further investigations also revealed a message from the couple before the incident
“Sweetheart, this is our last night in this world, and tomorrow we will become angels in heaven. Our spirits are not happy on earth and deserve to live in a happy eternal life.”
The inspector of health issued a report attributing cause of the deaths due to with the drowning.