The Council of State has backed the creation of new regions by the Akufo-Addo government.
The creation of three new regions out of existing ones featured prominently in the campaign of the then presidential candidate of the NPP in the run-up to the 2016 general election.
Last week, the President told Chiefs in the Western region that all is set for the creation of the new regions.
“For the first time in the Fourth Republic, a new region is going to be created and so I want you to rally solidly behind me and vote 100 per cent to make the deal successful”.
Meanwhile, the Council of State in a statement after a meeting with the President Tuesday said they have perused the proposal for the regions submitted to them by the minister for the sector Dan Botwe and are convinced that is it in the right direction.
“Your Excellency, in the latter part of June, the Council received a communication under your hand, seeking the Council’s advice on the creation of new regions. Enclosed in the communication were copies of the petitions from the Chiefs and people of the Western, Northern, Brong-Ahafo and Volta Regions “from where the demands from the creation of new regions had been the most vociferous”. Mr. President, the Council has meticulously gone through these petitions which numbered some 312 pages with accompanying maps and statistical data,” the statement said.
It continued: “The Council was also briefed by the Hon. Minister for Regional Reorganization and Development Hon. Dan Kwaku Botwe, on his interactions with the Chiefs and peoples of the four regions. The Hon. Minister did impress the Council with the elaborate home work he has done on this exercise including the extensive literature review on Ghana’s geo-political structure.
“Mr. President, the Council of State has the honour to inform you that, having studied the petitions submitted and the detailed briefing by the Hon. Minister for Regional Reorganization and Development, it is of the unanimous opinion that there is a SUBSTANTIAL DEMAND for the creation of new regions.
“The Council therefore advises that Your Excellency appoint a Commission of Enquiry “to inquire into the need and to make recommendations on all the factors involved in the creation of the new regions”


  1. Nice to hear this from the council of state. Creation of new regions also enhance development. The people of sefwi are very happy to hear this cos we use to travel to Takoradi for interview and other things. Thanks to Mr. President

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