A Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Lawson has called on the public to ignore stories about the party which are being attributed to the Kwesi Botchwey committee.

The 13-member Kwesi Botchwey Committee constituted and mandated to investigate the causes of the party’s defeat in the 2016 elections presented its report to the leadership of the party in June this year.

The report has since been kept under lock and key with party leadership stating their unpreparedness to release the contents of the report to the public.

Some media houses have reportedly obtained copies of the report and have started serialising its contents.

One of the stories from the leaked report stated that the party was divided two years ahead of the crucial 2016 elections as some defeated party executives adopted a laid-back attitude, while others worked against the party.

This and other reports being attributed to the Kwesi Botchway Committee, the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, George Lawson said are untrue indicating that the report is strictly under ‘lock and key’.

The numerous reports, he claimed are the fabrications of some faceless people who are setting an agenda to divert the public’s attention from matters arising in the country.

“It is not true. If you want, call Prof Botchway himself. This is just to divert attention. The report will never come to the public domain. It is not for public consumption…,” he insisted.

He however recalled how the Democratic Party in USA after losing to the Republican Party in 2016 conducted similar investigations.

This report, he said, was never made public and hence he could not fathom why people can’t comprehend that the Kwesi Botchway report is solely for the NDC party.

“The report is for the NDC and not for the public. If it were so we would have. Democrats have done the same and it was not out.  It is just to divert attention…,” he said on Accra based Neat FM.