Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) has announced to subsidise the price of purchase of fertilisers for the cocoa farmers across the country which began in May 2017.

A statement signed and issued by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of COCOBOD, Mr. Joseph Boahen Aidoo, and copied to Today, yesterday noted that the offering of fertiliser to cocoa famers at a subsidy was under a new policy directive by management of COCOBOD.

The initiative, according to the statement, will go a long way to enhance farmers’ access to cocoa fertilisers thereby improve the yield of cocoa farms and their income.

The statement pointed out that a bag of the granular fertiliser was now being offered to cocoa farmers at GH¢80.00, and a litre of the liquid fertiliser was GH¢ 20,00, representing a subsidy of 53.4 per cent and 81 per cent respectively.

Currently, according to the statement, the average purchase price per bag of granular fertiliser is GH¢171.75 and a litre fertiliser is GH¢ 105.00.

The statement advised cocoa farmers to insist on buying the fertiliser at the subsidised price from Cocoa Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs), Cocoa Inputs Companies, offices of Cocoa Farmers’ Associations and Private Inputs Distributors across the country.

However, management of COCOBOD encouraged cocoa farmers to seize the opportunity in this new arrangement and apply only approved fertilisers on their farms at the right time for maximum impact.