Suhum Municipal Best Farmer for two successive years, has called on traditional authorities to assist in educating cocoa farmers on the need to replant farms with the swollen shoot disease.

He said affected farmers would be adequately compensated by the government, if they agree to cut down infested cocoa trees and replant the farm.

Mr Mahama said this during a meeting with 85 farmers to discuss the Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus Disease (CSSVD).

Some cocoa farmers highlighted the need to rehabilitate cocoa farms, child labour, CSSVD Control, and the application of fertilisers.

Mr Mahama said if affected cocoa trees are not cut down, the disease could infest other farms.

He said the poor fermentation process and drying of cocoa beans is negatively affecting the quality of the country’s cocoa on the world market hence the need to follow laid down procedures in this regard.