coca farmers
Cocoa farmers

Cocoa farmers across various regions have voiced deep concerns regarding the gradual collapse of the cocoa industry.

The farmers attributed the decline to a myriad of challenges including illegal mining, shortage of agro-chemicals such as fertilizer, and dwindling farm-gate prices.

They expressed their grievances during a meeting with the NDC’s Building Ghana tour team, where they accused the Akufo-Addo government for collapsing certain unions, thereby limiting their ability to advocate for their needs effectively.

In particular, members of the General Agriculture Workers Union (GAWU) highlighted the politicization of the cocoa industry as a significant factor causing the industry’s decline.

They also touched on issues such as the unavailability of essential inputs, difficulties in accessing loans, and the lack of modern equipment hindering both productivity and investment in cocoa farming.

Despite efforts to encourage youth participation in cocoa cultivation, farmers lamented the limited financial support and inadequate resources in the cocoa sector, exacerbating concerns about the industry’s future viability.

They, therefore called on government to prioritize their plight and implement comprehensive interventions to rebuild the cocoa industry.