A search party put together by the assembly member of Brong Densuso near Akwadum in the New Juaben North Municipality, is yet to retrieve the body of a class 6 pupil of Akwadum Presby who drowned in the Densu river.

The young boy accidentally drowned when he went for a swim with three other friends on Saturday.

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Confirming the incident to Citi News, the assembly member for the area, Josephine Donkor, said the rescue team put together is yet to retrieve his body.

“On Saturday morning around 11 am, we heard the news that the boy has drowned in the river, so we rushed to the bridge where it occurred and realized it was true. He went there with other three friends to bath, and accidentally we don’t know what happened, and he got drowned”.

“Together with the town folks and local divers we organized a rescue team to go around the river through to the downstream where it flows, but they are yet to retrieve the body.”

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She added, “We are deeply worried, and the community members are all down emotionally, I know the deceased in question, and I have since not been myself, but we are hopeful we will retrieve the body.”