The Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo, has directed all Judges to with immediate effect begin the wearing of the symbolic wigs during court sittings.
The directive by the Chief justice also instructed judges to ensure they are fully attired in robes alongside the wigs.
According to an internal memo from the judicial secretary to all judges, sighted by Citi News, the directive is to preserve the tradition and the uniqueness of the work of Judges and the legal profession.
It also explained that, the wearing of the wigs will enhance the security of judges and also provide them the needed protection and anonymity.
Her ladyship Sophia Akuffo, also indicated that, the new directive is aimed at restoring the formal nature of court proceedings, and eliminate what she describes as the “creeping casualness in the judicial system.”
The directive is one of the notable decisions taken by the Chief Justice since her appointment in June 2017.
I’m against lawyers advertising on social media – Sophia Akuffo
The Chief Justice nominee, Justice Sophia Akuffo, in June 2017 during her vetting, said she does not endorse the practice of lawyers advertising their services on social media.
According to her, the practice is “distasteful” and amounts to ‘touting’, a behavior unacceptable by the bar.
Sophia Akuffo’s conservative leanings
She said, “Personally, I believe that dignity of the Bar is as important as the dignity of the judiciary, and the idea of lawyers touting themselves on social media is personally distasteful to me. But that aside, the law is there clearly against touting because touting is an improper conduct on the part of the lawyer.”